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Stay Connected
Anytime. Anywhere.

"The Cellberus team kept our entire production online, connected across all of our locations and basecamps. Even our production office was able to be directly connected to crew on-set as if they were just down the hall."
​- Jax Baker Unit Production Manager

Production: Bone Lake

Location: Rural Georgia
Cellular Coverage: Limited

Solution: An SD-WAN core network was deployed with high-gain directional antennas to generate a reliable bonded circuit for distribution via Ethernet, fiber, and wireless across the various properties. Coupled with Starlink, the cellular and satellite backhauls were capable of supporting 60+ clients for 14+ hours a day over the course of shooting.

We bring connectivity
to the EDGE.

Cellberus™ Communications is an enterprise cellular and edge network provider, specialized in deploying complex temporary networks for remote environments. We provide equipment sales, service, engineering, and rentals for the motion picture, television, broadcast, government, public safety, and political campaign sectors.

Site Survey & Design

No two locations are the same. Our knowledgeable engineers will survey the RF environment on your jobsite, document physical and geographical challenges, pull tower charts, and review carrier data to provide an actionable plan for your location(s).

Remote Networks on the Edge

Our solutions include, but not limited to: bonded cellular networks, ruggedized network infrastructure, network-based cellular repeater systems, and so much more. From hotspots to advanced large-scale deployments at basecamp or in the field, we have you covered.

Technology Innovation

Our company lives on the cutting edge. We implement state-of-the-art technology as a core foundation of our solutions, providing incredible value to our customers. We’re proud to be a development partner with companies like Peplink, DellEMC, Juniper Networks, SpaceX, and Cel-Fi by Nextvity to rethink what’s possible.

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